Jun 25, 2011

Real-Time Hydrometric Data (and historical!)

It had already been raining for a good day I think when I got to work Thursday morning, Jun 23 2011.

First thing I did was open my emails to see if anything needed to get done right away and then checked my Google Reader for the latest CBC news from British Columbia.

Weather warnings seen on CBC news articles (online).

I noticed CBC was echoing a weather warning from Environment Canada's Weatheroffice that was predicting an additional 10-40mm rainfall before that tapers off this evening (Sat, Jun 25 2011). I subscribed to receive these warnings through an RSS feed, example - Peace River, BC.

Canada wide warnings map from

BC Province wide warnings map from

The Chetwynd weather forecast (nearest Town) didn't offer a promising week...

Chetwynd weekly weather forecast from

I was wondering how much the water levels had risen on the Moberly River that goes through my community. There are also several residences along the shore of Moberly Lake.

The following graphs are from:

Water level graph of the Moberly River from June 24 to current...

Water levels since the last flood warning in Late May of 2011.

Recent water levels with temperature (deg C)

Water levels peak on Sunday Jun 26 2011

Get the Water Level Data
Weatheroffice does an excellent job of sharing historical information with the public where it is widely distributed online through an ftp site:

This database is called HYDAT and contains water level data collected from the stations in the HYDEX database (station locations and other information, stream flow, sediments, etc).

You can download it in either as a zipped Microsoft Access database or grab the Environment Canada Data Explorer which is a desktop application.

For the near Real-Time water level data, this can be queried, accessed and downloaded in a whole slew of options so take your pick!

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